Potted Shrimps


A theme for the Christmas cook off and not a lot of prep time. BHT was hosting at Matts house so almost everything had to be prepped the day before and driven from Wiltshire to Chiswick after a day in the office. Continue reading


December Booze

December 2011 cook-off, by BHT, hosted at Le Paices.

Booze included:

1599 Small Batch Gin

Il Mashio da Monte

and a 2008 Pinot Noir, Migration Anderson Valley which was amazing.

We finished up with a wonderful Chassagne-Montrachet Premier Cru and a cheeky bottle of 1998 Montbazillac



We had an impromptu whisky tasting last night (with cheese and sausages and wine).

There was a blind tasting on 4 Bourbons and this is how they rated overall:

  1. Vintage 17 year old (around £50)
  2. Hudson Manhattan Rye (around (£48)
  3. Clarkes Sour Mash (£11 from Aldi)
  4. Benchmark (£13 from Tesco’s)

Needless to say, we got wasted and even smoked a cigar, followed by Gears of War and Forza on XBox.

Candied Bacon Salad

OK, so this is our favourite starter to date, adapted from a Jamie Oliver recipe.  When served in small amounts it works brilliantly, is sweet and tart in equal measure and looks great on the plate.  Anyway, who doesn’t like bacon?

Assembly takes a while, but pretty much everything can be prepared in advance.  I’ve adapted the recipe ever so slightly to make things easier to slap together at the last minute. Continue reading