The Winter Warmer

The utter refinement of sloe joy

The utter refinement of sloe joy

Oh, sloe gin, how I love thee. You warm cockles that other spirits can only aspire to reach.

I’ve been sloe obsessed in recent years – identifying the best harvesting sites and drawing up plans for the annual battle with the birds – for when perfect picking conditions are reached the feathered assailants attack. As the sloes start to show signs of ripeness those plans fall into place, implemented with great vigour. I must get my annual sloe fix. Continue reading


December Booze

December 2011 cook-off, by BHT, hosted at Le Paices.

Booze included:

1599 Small Batch Gin

Il Mashio da Monte

and a 2008 Pinot Noir, Migration Anderson Valley which was amazing.

We finished up with a wonderful Chassagne-Montrachet Premier Cru and a cheeky bottle of 1998 Montbazillac


We had an impromptu whisky tasting last night (with cheese and sausages and wine).

There was a blind tasting on 4 Bourbons and this is how they rated overall:

  1. Vintage 17 year old (around £50)
  2. Hudson Manhattan Rye (around (£48)
  3. Clarkes Sour Mash (£11 from Aldi)
  4. Benchmark (£13 from Tesco’s)

Needless to say, we got wasted and even smoked a cigar, followed by Gears of War and Forza on XBox.