Pan-fried Cod with mash

13770301-cod-america-morrhua-americana--vintage-engraved-illustration-trousset-encyclopedia-1886--1891Pan-Fried Cod with mash Potatoes and a red wine reduction
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Apple and Blackberry Crumble

Nailed – Jan 2012


Brought to the table in individual Le Creuset pots this was a triumph. Adding something rather exceptional to a tried and tested family favourite Richard was bold with his flavour combinations. Delicately spiced,light and yet proper manly. It rocked.

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Salmon Tartare

The thought of a lump of raw salmon starter wasn’t necessarily the most appealing to me at least. Smoked and thinly sliced, absolutely. Cured, marvellous. But a lump of Salmon? (BHT comment).  We shouldn’t have been scared – especially when presented with something as attractive and tasty as this.  Steeping the salmon in lemon juice effectivelycooked it and the combination of gerkins, capers and dill worked wonders.  Definitely something to revel in. Continue reading